Don’t get multiple items at Ikea!

21 Mar

Well…I ordered pieces and parts (because they are universal and dont make just one thing) for a pantry two months ago because Seth and I’s house didnt not have one. Well the door was back ordered for a couple week. So I waited a couple weeks and then another and another and finally called. They “accidently” cancelled my order, even though I paid for it. So they shipped the door to my house directly instead of having me pick it up. Well I get to my house and it says on the outside 16×30 beach colored door and I was like sweet. I brought it in and left it there for Seth to put together later. Well we get to the house a couple days later, open it and its a bright red door that is too short. I was like after all this they sent me the wrong thing. Well it gets better. I called them yesterday to tell them what happened and get our correct door. I was on hold for 5 minutes and the lady said sorry Im going to transfer you to a different department. Yeah, nobody picked up. So, I hung up and called back. It was a different lady and she was like well it will be 5-7 business days to be delivered and I was like ok Ive been waiting for this for 2 months after you guys screwed it up in the first place. And she said sorry thats all we can do. I was ticked. So I decided that they are horrible and cheap and  that I will not get anything there that comes in pieces again. 


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