Bike and Skate Shop

21 May

 TXL Action Sports (formally known as The Xtreme League) is opening up a BMX bike and skate shop this Saturday called Barachel Bike and Skate. My dad also built a mini ramp course for kids to  test the products they purchase. I have to admit, it is pretty awesome. When I first saw it I was jealous that I don’t ride or skate cause the ramps looked so cool.

 The name comes from my Poppop who had a camp called Barachel. My dad wanted to carry the name on, and so he named it after that. Barachel means “the one who God has blessed”. That’s a pretty cool thing to have your business mean that God has blessed you.

 We are really excited about the grand opening.Hopefully it does well and the kids enjoy it!



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