8 Jul

 I don’t really have a topic of interest, but more of an update. Still no wedding album, or pictures. I am getting very frustrated with this whole situation. Not only was I disappointed with the pictures (the fact we didn’t have much variety cause of the weather), but now I’m getting irritated that they aren’t even here yet. I don’t care about the album as much as getting the DVD with the pictures on it. I would like to show relatives and friends the pictures. It’s rather frustrating. 

 The wedding video, however, is finished. I edited it the best I could with such limited footage options. It’s not the best, but the best from what I was given.

 Barachel Bike and Skate shop is going pretty well. There are definetly kids here everyday wanting to ride, we just need to get the name out there even more. I know there are a ton more kids who have never heard of it that would love to come.

 The economy is getting to everyone, and Seth and I are feeling it now as well. His account at SanDisk is closing, and they are laying off every single person in that account. It’s been a little over a month since they started letting people go, and he said there is hardly anybody there anymore. He gets to be one of the last to leave since he is a supervisor. That will give him time to look around for something else. He is actually interested (and has taken some steps) in changing professions, but I am not allowed to disclose that information yet. I will when I get the “OK” from him.

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