17 Jul

 This past weekend I went to Pennsylvania to visit my cousin who just had her 2nd child. Her first one’s name is Derek (19 months) and the new one is Molly (2 months). Both of her children are adorable. Derek is growing so fast, and speaking more and more clearly everyday. Molly can hold her head upon her own, and is fully aware of everything going on around her. She really likes to be held too. 

 On our (my mom and I) flight we encountered some problems. Our flight from Philly to Alanta was already delayed about 45 min. We get on the plane, and it is then delayed till 5pm (mind you we must catch our flight in Atlanta at 7pm). Well, we were not going to make it unless our flight in Atlanta was delayed as well. We get to Atlanta, find a board and our flight to Orlando had already left, so we had a problem. There were some other flights leaving Atlanta to Orlando at later times though…8:30, 9:45, and 10:15pm. We decided to try and catch one of those flights. Well, the airport reschedules flights automatically…so we get to the counter, and our flight was rescheduled for 8:30am the next morning. What a bummer. We couldn’t wait that long to leave so we got put on the stand by list for the 8:30 flight. We were standing there with such anticipation as the flight boarded. We just kept watching the screen, and hoping our name would be called. There were 6 empty seats, but we were 6th and 7th in line. We were just hoping we made it. Next thing you know…”Victoria Bartee, Joyce Fake.” Yes!!! We got on, and got home, a little later than planned for, but at least we got home that night.

 It was a nice trip and we had a good time. We got to see some people we haven’t seen in a while. It was so good to relax and just go with the flow for a long weekend. What was even better was that Seth had cleaned the house while I was gone, and was so excited to see me…I think I need to take trips more often!



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