Football games and food

23 Sep

 I finally have a little something to write about, and it’s probably not all that interesting. Seth and I went to the Seminoles game on Saturday, and let me start by saying that it was great weather. It wasn’t cold (although I get cold easily) and it wasn’t hot (like Florida always is). It was beautiful weather for a football game, and that may be partly for the fact that it was a night game. But still, we got there around 4 and it was still nice. Seth’s dad brought the grill, and we tailgated. That was probably the best part of the day, because the game was not that great. The first couple plays were great for FSU, but after that, things didn’t go our way. There were way to many penalties and turn overs, it was ridiculous. They played a great defensive game, but offensively they stank. Oh well. I’ll probably be going to one more game of the season. Seth will probably go to the rest of the home games. The next 3 are away, but there are a few more home games. Despite the lose, we enjoyed ourselves and had a good time.

 I’ve been seeing a Wal-Mart commercial for football food and decorations. When I saw the football cake I really wanted to make it. The last time I went to Wal-Mart I got the football pan and some baking ingredients. I told Seth that I wanted to make it, and he got excited because he thought I meant that day. Well, the cake is really big so I don’t want to make it quite yet. I think I will make just the football part for Seth and I, and then make the whole thing (field and all) for the Super Bowl, because I’m sure my parents will have a party. I just really enjoying baking and cooking. I’ve always been pretty good at cooking because you don’t have to follow an exact recipe, but now I’m liking baking as well. These are the finished products. Lets see if I can pull that off.



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