Barachel Bike and Skate Biketoberjam

14 Oct

 This past Saturday’s 1st annual Biketober Jam was a success! We definitely had a great turn out, and from what I’ve been hearing, people had a good time. For those of you who don’t know what the Biketober Jam is, visit Biketober We had free hot dogs and Mountain Dew, a hot dog eating contest, BMX contest as well as a long jump and best trick contest. I was filming the whole day, and was completely exhausted when it was all over. Here are the results of the contest:


3rd: Chandler Strawbridge

2nd: Dalton Collins

1st: Snug Bunny


3rd: Dylan Vernackas

2nd: Benton ” booger” Smith

1st: John Wolski


3rd: Ricky Rogers

2nd: Jimmy Hale

1st: Trey Jones


Joel Pierzaek: 180 T- bog over the 8ft box and 180 bar to backwards manual to 180 bar out. WOW


Stephen Oravetz: 27′ 4.5 inches


Brandon Barkawitz

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