Halloween Plans…

30 Oct
 Our church is doing the Trunk-or-Treat thing where you decorate the trunk of your car and kids go around to them and get candy, but we are not joining…you ask why…well I really wanted to pass out candy to the neighborhood kids. It’s our first Halloween being married and passing out candy, so I wanted to see all the cute kids dressed up. I know a lot of the kids too so it will be fun to see them and how creative their costumes are 🙂
  MAD Max is really living up to his name. Yesterday I came home, and he escaped out of his crate for the 2nd time! The house was a mess, he chewed up Seth’s Rock Band Box, and pooped twice! This weekend he chewed up a controller and headset (which is why he is now in the crate) and last week he chewed another headset. Yeah, I know…I wasn’t prepared for this, but he is in the crate and hopefully behaving. I forget that he is still a puppy and that Rocko went through most of this too, so I have to have patience. We were thinking about giving him back to the previous owner, but I just couldn’t do it. I have to remember; he is still a pup. Plus, this is helping Seth get use to things being destroyed, so when we have kids it won’t come quite as a shock hehe. 

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