Good News

13 Nov

  Seth got accepted in to the police Academy!!! Yay!! Finally we have some sort of confirmation that this is what he is suppose to do. He starts January 7th and it goes till September…yeah for 9 months and the reason being is that he still has to work. He’s not getting paid in the academy so he has to keep working. It’s going to be real tough on him to work 8 hour days and then go to training till 10, but it will definitely prepare him for the force. I am super excited for him because I know it’s what he wants. I support him in any decision he makes, as long as he is seeking the Lords will first.

  Max is doing well. He is still trouble, so therefore still in his crate. He will learn sooner or later, and if not, he will stay in the crate during the day. He has gained some weight too (which is good). He gained about 10 pound since we got him. Oh, and he did hurt his leg last week playing with Rocko, but he is doing a lot better. It wasn’t anything serious though. They really do get along…which means they play a lot! I don’t think they know when to stop, which means I have to step in and tell them or they will keep going.

Here they are relaxing after a long playing session.img_0658



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