How we told our parents the news

7 May

 I wanted to share our decently creative ways of sharing our exciting news with our parents.

 We told my parents first, and it was the weekend after April fools. Seth and I went over to their house for hair cuts and to hang out. After my hair cut, all four of us were in the living room watching TV. I acted like I heard someone knock at the door. I said “did you hear that.” They responded “no, what are you talking about?” They were both sitting up looking out the window to see if anyone was there, so I got up and opened the door and stepped outside. (Mind you, while I was getting my hair cut I had Seth go outside, and set up our prop so we could be ready.) I grabbed the basket that had a baby doll, a bottle, a bib and a note that said “Baby Bartee is on the way!” When I came in I said “what the world is this…oh I know…Look what the stork brought” and I handed them the basket. They were so confused until they read the note. Their first words were “is this an April fools joke?” Haha I said “no I wouldn’t joke about this.” So they both got up and hugged us. They were in complete surprise. It was pretty fun to have a creative way to tell them. (I’ll post a pic of it sometime soon.)

 The following weekend was Easter, and that was when we told Seth’s parents. On the way to their house, Seth called and told them we had a gift for them. They said “no you don’t need to get us anything”, and Seth said “its not much. Just a little something”. We had a big gift bag, and a teddy bear in it with a baby bottle tied to its hand. We walked in and Seth said “here’s your present. Like we said it’s not much, but you will like it.” Seth’s mom pulled out the bear and was a little confused. Then Kristin (Seth’s sister) shouted “you’re pregnant!” and we both said “yep.” Seth’s mom was in shock too, and kept saying “no way, no way.” Then she got really excited, and they all hugged us. His mom wouldn’t stop smiling the whole day.

 Its a lot of fun telling people the news, but really hard to hold it in until that time! I have an idea of how I want to tell the sex of the baby…but you will have to wait for that.

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