15 Weeks

27 May

15wks#2How far along? 15 weeks

Total weight gain/loss:I don’t even know. I’m probably the same since I’m still in my regular clothes.

Maternity clothes? Nope. Sundresses are great though!

Sleep: Sleeping great. I’ve put a pillow behind me at night to help me sleep on my side. It’s been working except for when it falls off the bed and the dogs use it as their pillow.

Best moment this week: People telling me that I look great.

 Movement: Can’t feel it.

 Food cravings: Starbucks Frappuccino!! I was able to enjoy my other 2 cravings!

 Gender: 30 days!

Belly Button in or out? In.

What I miss: My long runs and intense workouts. 

What I am looking forward to: Feeling some baby movements.

Weekly Wisdom: If your baby shower isn’t a surprise, start thinking about when it will be, especially if you have lots of family out of town. It’s good to let them know as early as possible so they can make arrangements! 

Milestones: Figuring out the nursery and baby shower date.


One Response to “15 Weeks”

  1. gatorbaby May 28, 2009 at 11:00 am #

    Hey Torie,

    Do you remember the rate of your baby’s heart beat? I know it’s an old wives tail as far as telling if the baby is a girl or boy based on heart rate….but I’m just curious. Mine was 148 at 13 weeks…I’ve been thinking a boy all along and the heart rate confirms that. We’ll see! I find out the sex July 17th!

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