Love, Hate

31 Jul



Some people have been asking about what I love/hate about pregnancy. I thought I’d compose a list for those who are curious.


-Feeling her move on a daily basis. She always reminds me that she is right there.

-Being closer with Seth. Pregnancy can really bring a couple closer than ever.

-Planning the nursery and registering for fun things.

-2nd trimester. I have more energy, I’m not nauseous, I can feel her move, finding out the sex, etc.

-Friends and family being supportive and encouraging.

-Still being able to work out and feel healthy.

-When Seth gets excited about what is to come (reading my pregnancy magazines, talking about the baby and what he will do when she is here).

-Ultrasounds. Even though I haven’t had many, I love when I get to see her in there!

-Feeling more connected with God. 

-Knowing that I will be getting one of the most precious gift’s God can give at the end of all of this.

Things I don’t love (hate is a strong word):

-Not being able to have hard, long work outs and runs. I really miss the way I feel afterwords (even though I am still working out, it’s not the same).

-Hormones. I haven’t been too bad, but I find myself getting emotional a lot easier these days, like getting teary eyed at a commercial or a song I’ve heard a million times.

-Back aches. My back was already giving me problems (from dance) and being pregnant doesn’t help.

-Thinking about labor and all the stuff that goes with it…ugh.

-Pregnancy brain. 

-Getting unsolicited, common sense advice or opinions. 

-And lastly, worrying. I haven’t been too bad about this because I know that she is entirely in God’s hands right now and he knows what he is doing, but I think this is when the motherly worrying starts to kick in.

The good definitely out way the bad…by far!



1 John 4:19

1 John 4:19


One Response to “Love, Hate”

  1. gatorbaby August 1, 2009 at 8:00 am #

    Hey Torie,

    I am so thrilled you invited me to your shower…that really means a lot! I’m just glad yours is September 19th because mine is the 12th!!! I need your address by the way and if you don’t want to post it on my blog my email address is . I’m having mine a little early because my parents will be gone the month of October and November is a crazy month for everyone in my fam b/c it’s everybody’s b-day! Not to mention Christmas shopping!! But I’m super excited to see you and I’m so happy you are doing well!

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