One Month!

10 Dec

 Today my baby girl is one month old! Can’t believe we have made it through a month! Life is starting to feel some what normal again. We went to church on Sunday for the first time with baby. I missed being in church. Rylie did well except for the occasional grumpy face along with a noise. She just slept as if nothing were going on. I’m so glad she is use to loud noises and dogs barking. If not she would be awake a lot  more, and I would be a tired and upset momma. She is getting really great at holding her head on her own. She just lifts it up and looks around like a curious monkey. She also is getting bigger every day! She doesn’t seem so tiny and fragile (even though she still is).

Here is her one month pic and a couple others:

Tummy Time with Momma


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