2009 Year in Review

1 Jan

Another year has come and gone. I still can’t believe it’s a new decade. I remember all the fuss about Y2K. I was a freshman in high school and couldn’t have a care in the world (but I’m sure I was stressing over something stupid or a dumb boy haha). A decade later and I am married with a child. Crazy how things change in 10 years! 2009 has been a life changing one! Little did I know that Seth and I’s lives would change in more ways than one. Here is a little recap of what happened through out 2009.

January 2009– Seth started the Police Academy!

February 2009– We went swimming with Manatees for my cousin’s birthday. It was an awesome (and cold) experience.

March 2009– I found out I was pregnant! We weren’t going to start trying till later in the year, but God had other plans for us!

April 2009– Announced to our family we were expecting, celebrated our one year anniversary, I ran my first 5k 8 weeks pregnant, and I chopped my hair off! First time it was that short in a long time!



May 2009– Celebrated Seth’s 28th Birthday (what an old fart hehe). We went to our traditional place for dinner…Kobe!

June 2009– Found out we were having a baby girl!

July 2009– Went to the Z88.3 Little Ears Expo. Learned and got a lot of free stuff!

August 2009– Went to the beach with the Macrina’s. Spent the day with two beautiful and fun children trying to get use to the idea that I would soon have my own! Seth also graduated from the Police Academy! So proud!

September 2009– Seth got hired by Clermont Police Department! He worked so hard all year for that day! Also had my baby shower and reunited with my college roommates!

October 2009– Had our 2nd annual Biketober Jam for the skatepark. It was huge (and so was I!)

Biketober Jam

November 2009– Gave birth to our first child, Rylie Mae Bartee! Also celebrated my 25th birthday (man I’m getting old)

December 2009– We celebrated Rylie’s first Christmas!

Happy New Year!! 2010 here we come!


One Response to “2009 Year in Review”

  1. Ashley January 1, 2010 at 4:59 pm #

    🙂 2009 was a great year!! I love you Torie!!

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