Much Better

6 Jan

Rylie is doing so much better now that she is on reflux medicine! She isn’t crying while eating anymore, and she seems like a happier baby. Last week was crazy though. She was awake all day most days, and wanted to be held every second. It was hard to get anything else done because she was so clingy. The only good thing about her being awake all day was that she slept through the night! I felt like a new woman the next day! It was great!

This week seems to be going a little better. She seems to be back to her normal self and is even interacting with us more. She imitates the faces we make, coos, smiles at us and gets excited when we talk to her. She has found her hands too. She’s always trying to suck on them. Today she was sucking her thumb so I quickly replaced it with a pacifier. We don’t want any thumb-sucking (even though it’s cute). It’s so fun to watch her grown into a little person!

Yummy hands

She is getting so big, so fast! Some of her 0-3 month sleepers are getting too tight! Yes, too tight and she isn’t even 2 months old yet. I’m going to have to wash her clothing the next size up just in case she gets there quicker than I anticipated.

Rylie and I on New Years Eve. Just hanging out at Grammy and Grampy's house.


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