2 Month Dr. Visit

19 Jan

Rylie had her 2 month check up last week (I know I’m a little late). She weighed in at 14lbs 7oz. She is in the 90th percentile for height and 97th for weight! She’s a big girl, but I was exactly the same way. She will probably be built like me. The Dr. said she is very healthy and looks great! She had to get a couple of shots though. She did well. She only cried for a moment and stopped when they gave her an oral vaccine. I fed her afterwords and she totally forgot about the pain. She just wants the food…she is definitely a Fake (my maiden name) haha. She slept a lot after her appointment, but woke up around 4pm with very bad gas. I never heard her cry like that before. After about an hour of crying she took a nap and felt a lot better. She was back to her normal self the rest of the week.

This past weekend she got to meet her 2nd cousins who are 3 and almost 2 years old. They loved baby Rylie. Her and Molly will have fun when Rylie is older. We celebrated my grandma’s 75th birthday! My mom and aunt Donna surprised her with a trip to Italy in May. She is so excited because she is Italian and has always wanted to go there! Rylie was exhausted after this weekend. She slept really well the past couple of nights!

Here a few more pictures of her:

So Happy!

Daddy doing airplane

With Great Grammy

2 Responses to “2 Month Dr. Visit”

  1. Katie January 19, 2010 at 9:30 pm #

    We had a great time this weekend! Love the pics! You have to post the crooked smile one!!! We should have gotten a pic of all three kids, next visit we will.

  2. gatorbaby January 20, 2010 at 9:35 am #

    Hey Torie,

    We are doing much better as far as the thrush and RSV goes, thanks for asking! We went back to the doctor Monday and she said Lily looks great! The thrush is also gone…thank goodness! So we are hopefully back on track. However, Lily’s been a little more fussy lately…she’s gotten really finicky with eating and sleeping…not sure what’s going on! Her gas pains are horrible…so I’m trying to cut out my dairy intake…I drink and eat a lot of dairy products. Every day is different and we are still learning eachother! Rylie is looking great….Urs told me how cute she was! Well Lily is cleared from her sicknesses so if you guys want to meet up this weekend let me know!

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