2 Mar

For the first time since Rylie arrived, we had a pretty eventful weekend. We went to MOPS on Friday morning and later that night I picked up one of my college roommates, Leslie, to stay for the weekend. At first I was a little scared about having our routine thrown off by an extra person being here, but it was so great to have her! She was such a great help to Rylie and I and I am very thankful for her friendship. You would never think that she isn’t married and doesn’t have children. She was such a natural! She came to hang out with us, and she ended up being a great help to me for the weekend. It was also nice to have a female grown up around too. I am always with Rylie and sometimes it is nice to have some adult conversations and not talk in a baby voice. Hehe. We caught up on all that has been happening in our lives and just shared in each others company!

Here is a picture of her with Rylie.

Thanks so much again Leslie for your help while you were here! Can’t wait for you to have children of your own! You will be a great mom!!


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