4 Month Stats

15 Mar

Rylie had her 2nd round of immunizations today. She did so well. She only cried a little bit and it was a delayed reaction. The Dr. gave us the ok to start some rice cereal so we may try that soon. If she doesn’t like it, we won’t rush it. Just give her a taste and go from there. Here are her stats for the month.

  • Weighs 16 lbs 15 oz – 95th percentile
  • Height 25″- 90th percentile
  • She is a rolling machine. She can go from tummy to back and back to tummy.
  • Can stand while holding onto someone’s fingers.
  • Can sit up by herself for about 15 seconds. She is getting so strong!
  • Reaches for toys and they go right into her mouth.
  • She drools non-stop. Good thing I always have a bib on her.
  • She is allowed to start rice cereal.
  • She is sleeping in her crib (with no swaddle) like a big girl.
  • Coo’s, talks and laughs all the time. She is very vocal.
  • Started blowing bubbles and making an “ooooo” noise. It’s so cute.

One Response to “4 Month Stats”

  1. Laura March 16, 2010 at 10:37 am #

    Hi! I did a little blog hopping and happened upon your blog today. What a sweet girl you have! And a very cute blog! 🙂

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