Teething in All it’s Glory

19 Apr

Oh boy. We have officially started teething, and not just the drool all over the place teething. I mean the crying, hurting, slobbering, and painful type of teething. Just this weekend Rylie has been acting a bit fussier than normal. She even cries on her changing table which she never does! That’s her most favorite spot. She also has developed a different type of cry. It’s not a cry that I’ve heard before so I figured she was sick. I’ve been taking her temperature, cleaning her nose, cuddling her more, and trying to nurse her back to health. Well it turns out that she isn’t sick (although she did have a bit of a cold last week.) She is teething hard-core. I feel so bad and wish I could do something, but I just have to wait it out. Let’s see how long this lasts until that tooth finally decides to show itself.

My teething cutie

Don't mind the banana stains on her bib 🙂

Modeling one of my bows...more to come in another post

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