The Day I Became “Mom”

9 May

We had been in the hospital for 48 hours, and by that time the excitement turned into annoyance. We had been waiting there for so long, with no progress, and I was over it. Rylie was comfy, but I was not. She did not want to exit until she was ready (little stubborn thing!)

At about 6am on the third day, the Dr. came in for what was probably the one millionth internal (not really, but it sure seemed like it). I really wasn’t expecting to hear “good” news. I figured we would be there a week before Rylie decided to show up. But then much to my dismay, the Dr. looked at me with a smile and said “it’s time to break your water and then things should start progressing.” Hallelujah!! I can finally get this 8 pound human out of me!!

But then my excitement turned to anxiousness and then to fear. Could I really do this? What if something happens to her? Is she going to latch on? What happens when we take her home? All kinds of thoughts flood my mind. I knew that I was going to have a baby, but did I really know what it’s like to have a baby? I silently asked God to give me the strength not only have a baby, but to take care of her afterwords.

From then on things progressed very quickly, and with in a couple of hours I was ready to push. 13 minutes later Rylie Mae was born. The moment I saw her I started to cry. She was so beautiful and everything I could have hoped for. They placed her on my chest and I just wanted to hold her. When they took her to get cleaned up a feeling of relief over came me. The worst part was over and now I get to enjoy my little peanut.

When they brought her back to me all wrapped up, my heart skipped a beat. I fell in love and tears started to well up in my eyes again. The nurse brought her over and said “here you go mom.” Mom. Hearing that word made me realize that this was what I was born to be. Mom. All my doubts and fears washed away when I heard that one simple word. I could think of no sweeter thing to be called but mom. And now for the rest of my life I will be known as mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!


One Response to “The Day I Became “Mom””

  1. JoBeth May 9, 2010 at 5:54 pm #

    This is so sweet 🙂 I can’t wait to see my baby girl and to be called “mom’. Thank you so much for blogging about your journey in this new chapter if your life. It encourages me for things to come! Happy Mother’s Day!

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