Guest Blog-Life From Pippy’s Perspective

21 Jun

This week is guest blogger week at Life With Rylie! I’m really excited to share some awesome, funny, and talented mommy bloggers with you. Everyday will feature a new blogger so please come back to read the other great posts.

Todays featured blogger is Pippy from Life from Pippy’s Perspective. Her adorable little girl is 1 month old and guess what her name is…Riley! I love the name, but then again I think I am a little bias 🙂 When you get a free moment visit her blog! You won’t be disappointed!!


Hey Everyone! I’m Pippy & I usually hang out at my blog “Life from Pippy’s Perspective.” , However today, I’ve come over here in search of my mommy manual.

Alright, that was a joke. I know there is no handbook to parenting, but sometimes… I really wish there was.

It’s so hard to know if you are doing the right thing or the wrong thing.  Are you holding them too much/not enough? Playing too much or not stimulating them enough? Wake them up or let them sleep. Paci or no paci? She loves her swing, but I feel guilty when she is awake and swinging. I hold her all the time & she’s happy, We have tummy time for a little while almost everyday, but I’m always afraid I’m not doing enough. You know what I mean?

Then there’s all the advice. You’re suddenly bombarded with so.much.advice.

& with every bit of advice given, there is always an ominous warning to go with it.

For instance, at lunch one day an older lady asked me if Pipsqueak’s feet were cold.  I politely told her that they weren’t. She was actually sweating a little which is why I took her out of her carrier.

Old Lady: “Well Good! Don’t you EVER let her feet get cold. If you EVER let them get cold she will ‘catch the colic’.”

:Insert blank stare:

My goodness, why did my pediatrician not tell me that? I mean really. You would think that they would send that kind of info home with you from the hospital. ‘Catching the colic’ is serious business!

Then there is the whole pacifier thing… That’s the particular battle issue I’m dealing with right now. Pipsqueak is a month old and is exclusively breastfed. I’ve never given her a paci, because she’s never really needed one, and why introduce something like that if she doesn’t need it, right? That was my thought anyways. Until the hickey incident happened.

That’s right. I said Hickey.

Why were there no old ladies warning me about this one?

Let me preface this by saying that I have been incredibly blessed with a a very happy baby.  She cries for very few things. Usually only if she’s hungry, or has a dirty diaper. She will occasionally whimper a little when fighting sleep or wants me when someone else is holding her. That’s it. The other day, she was in her swing, happily swinging away & watching her mobile. I had to use the restroom so I went to the guest bathroom right next to the living room. I left the door open. There was no crying whatsoever the whole time I was gone. When I came back, she had her little arm up by her mouth, so I walked over to see what she was doing.

Y’all, she gave herself a hickey! On her arm!

So after a brief, “holy crap, I’m a horrible mother because it looks like my child has a bruise on her arm, how did I let this happen?” moment. I went straight to the nursery and grabbed a paci.

A paci that she will.not.take. She immediately spits it out. When she did finally take it , she coughed and gagged, and spit it out. What gives? I mean, she obviously had a desire to suck, right? She gave herself a hickey for crying out loud. It was a 0-3 mo paci, it shouldn’t have been too big…maybe it is?

This is where I need my manual! What do I do?

What do you do? How do you know that you’re doing enough?

Love Always!


Twitter: @pippy1208


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One Response to “Guest Blog-Life From Pippy’s Perspective”

  1. ksluiter June 21, 2010 at 6:55 pm #

    Great post! I didn’t know if we would do a pacifier either with my son. But in the hospital, when they did his circumcision, they told me they gave him one because it helps with the pain to soothe them. Otherwise they don’t give them to babies without parental consent. Then the doc leaned in to me and said, “but he SURE does LOVE the pacifier”. Well give it to him then! So he has been a paci (or as we call it, a pipey) baby. I don’t know what you do. Are hickies bad? Will she suck on something else like a different kind of paci? I know my friend’s breastfed baby would only suck on a certain kind.

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