Guest Blog-Before The Baby Wakes

23 Jun

Todays guest blog is from Alex at Before the Baby Wakes. She is the wife of Grammy nominated music producer and aspiring music mogul Shawn Campbell. She is also a young mom to a little (and adorable might I add) boy named Phoenix. How she came up with the name for her blog is cute and creative. Make sure you pay her a visit!


When should you have kids?

Recently I read this article on the Forbes website about the best time to have kids. And here’s why you can never answer that question.

Teens – Obviously for an entire booklet of reasons this is bad. Period. Unless you’re Jamie-Lynn Spears and you’re that rare teen with your own home, cars (notice the s), money – to pay for an entire baby team to care for your kid while you do whatever the hell you want, and a ridiculously rich sister to pick up the slack. I say if you are Jamie-Lynn (and maybe even that Palin chick) go for it. What do you have to lose? Nothing, people even pay you for interviews.

Twenties – Now here’s where it gets dicey right? Your legal, you can drink, you have no one telling you when to wake up and when to go to sleep. You are as free as Heidi Montag (now that she’s away from the guy with the creepy flesh colored beard). Plus if you’re in your twenty’s you probably haven’t acquired much in life so having a baby may really stunt your financial and social growth.

Hey wait….I had a baby at 21……ooops.

Thirties – The flirty thirties. You’re career is banging. You can afford Manolo’s (ok maybe Michael Kors) without having to choose between eating for a month and shoes. You have sophisticated and well dressed friends. Sexy boyfriends with Brooks Brother’s suits and secretaries. Weekends on Martha’s Vineyard. Wine tastings and Museum hopping. Basically you’re Carrie Bradshaw.  Need I say more?

Forties- From what I understand the forties are the new twenties right? Which means you’re back in that “I’m figuring out who I am” stage “Where am I going?” “What do I want”. Not to mention you are no longer Carrie Bradshaw. You are Meryl Streep & Helen Mirren all rolled into one (minus what 10 years?) you emote elegancy and regalousity (I made that up). In short? You really have your shit together. And those eggs that we’re so fresh they we’re almost chirping at 20….yeah well, you can kiss that shoe budget good bye.

Fifty- Do I really need to?

So bottom line? There really is no good time to have kids at all. So just don’t, ok?

And if you already have them embrace every moment you can. Go in and watch them sleep at 3 AM. Play dress up & toy soldiers. Embrace Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Yo Gabba Gabba (wha?)

Because before you know it they will be the ones drinking out of kegs, flittering around in glamorous cities. Driving around in a minivan, Mercedes, Honda, or Jeep instead of that Bumble bee Little Tykes they favor now.


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2 Responses to “Guest Blog-Before The Baby Wakes”

  1. ksluiter June 24, 2010 at 7:07 pm #

    Great post! Totally laughing because seriously? How true is this? although the way you describe the 30’s…I’m must be doing it wrong! Ha!


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