Guest Blog-Accustomed Chaos

25 Jun

It’s Friday! That means it’s almost the weekend! I normally do 5 question Friday, but today is day 5 of guest blogger week. Devan at Accustomed Chaos has been so kind to share with us her experience with potty training. She has 3 young children which makes her a pro at being a mommy! She has so many good tips and advice on her blog including todays guest post! Hop on over to her blog for more!


Potty training is a milestone that most parents can not wait to get to.  Watching for your baby’s cues and deciding what tactics and system you are going to use then waiting for that day you can finally say your baby is potty/toilet trained and have a big farewell to those diapers.

When my son was about 2 years old we were noticing the cues and started the transition to using the potty – he did great! By 2.5 he was using the potty and was in a diaper for night time only.  By three years old he was using the toilet full time {bye bye potty} and was in pull ups for bed.  Now that he is 4 he is fully trained using his big boy undies day and night.

I have always heard that girls were easier to potty train then boys so since it was going so smoothly for my son – i though it was going to be a piece of cake for my daughter.  They are only 14months apart so while my son was learning I always explained everything to my daughter as well.  She started to take an interest when she was around 2 years old {just like my son} so we went out and she picked her own potty, her own big girl undies and we were going to give it a try.

Problem – i was pregnant with my third child.  Everywhere I have read recommends not to start this process if a new or big change was about to happen.  Since having another baby is a pretty big change I was not really sure it was the best to start now.  Our third child was born just 9 days after my potty-training daughters 2nd birthday – so we put it off for a bit as she no longer seemed interested.

6 months wen by – she is now 2.5 years old so I drag out the potty she picked out and her new undies and started the same process that i did that worked well for my son.  Stickers, dances and extra attention. She wanted NONE of it – nothing.  So, again i backed off.  I didn’t want to push her too hard because i knew that this had to be done on her own terms – or it was not going to happen. She had no interest at all.

So, now she is 3 years old – still in a diaper and has NO interest in using the potty or the toilet.  Her older brother was trained by this age, but I did my best to try not to compare the two. I was just really confused on why she had no interest.  I mean, girls are easier to train right? My little girl however was very head strong and knew what she wanted; or didn’t.  I had the potty sitting out – she knew where her big girl undies were in her drawer and she knew how to put them on, so i left it to her.

Today she is 3 years and 4 months and guess what – she is still refusing – still.  I have pretty much taken the diapers away at this point – only offering undies during the day and pull ups at night and for longer outside trips.  She will just go on the floor – every time.  If i tell her it’s time to sit on the potty/toilet she will come with me and sit there – for a while  Then when she gets off and her underwear are pulled off – she will pee right on the floor.

The funniest part for me is if you ask her why she doesn’t want to use the toilet – she says, “because i really love my diaper.  It catches my pee”.  How do i compete with that?

The new tactic – I had my sister make her the best princess dress ever.  It is hanging in my living room and I have told my daughter that when she becomes a big girl like Cinderella, Aurora, Belle and Arial and starts using the potty or toilet – she will get her big girl princess dress.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.


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