Guest Blog-Sugar Plum Treasures

26 Jun

Today is the final day of guest blogger week. Last, but certainly not least is Christine from Sugar Plum Treasures. She has a preciously adorable baby girl. She takes many pictures of her and even has a blog dedicated to at least a picture a day of her. It is called 365 Days of Sugar Plum. Take a minute and visit both of her blogs!


I am also guest blogging over at The Life of Rylie and Bryce too. After you read Christine’s post jump over there and read my thoughts on being a stay at home mom.


Hi, I’m Christine from Sugar Plum Treasures and I generally blog about my baby girl,  Sugar Plum and all of her antics and milestones. I had a major case of writer’s block while trying to write this guest post for Torie, so since vacations and traveling have been on my mind a lot lately (my husband spent the last week living on a boat off the coast of Belize on a scuba trip) I decided to write about my last vacation before Sugar Plum joined us.

In August of 2009, just as I hit the 6 month park of my pregnancy, my husband and I flew to Bonaire for a snorkeling and scuba trip, it was our babymoon .  Bonaire is this tiny little island in the Caribbean off the coast of Venezuela.  Nobody has ever heard of Bonaire, but everyone knows of the little island next door – Aruba.  Bonaire is an amazing place, although it really doesn’t look like it.   At first glance Bonaire is a very small desert island with cacti, salt flats, and a donkey preserve.  To get to the jewel of Bonaire you have to get into the ocean, and that is how my husband and I spent our last baby free vacation.

We stayed at a quiet little resort that included everything my husband would need for scuba diving with our room fee.  I don’t dive so we brought what I needed to snorkel with us.  The first full day we were there we snorkeled right off the dock at our resort and I was amazed but the sheer numbers, and size, of the fish right there at the dock – there were easily hundreds of different species.  So many different types and colors, from little tiny Gobies, to huge Angel fish, to an Octopus and sea turtles.

We tried to do at least on snorkel trip everyday and my husband would scuba dive around my snorkel trips.  The snorkeling was just amazing – at one beach we saw 4 foot long barracuda – that freaked me out a little.  At another beach we found an area with tons of baby fish of different species.  The most remarkable part of the trip for me was feeling Sugar Plum kicking away while I snorkeled.  At that point in my pregnancy she still wasn’t the most active of babies – but whenever we were out snorkeling she would start up a soccer match.  It felt like she was enjoying our snorkeling as much as her daddy and I were.

I can’t wait for her to be old enough to take back to Bonaire so that all 3 of us can go snorkeling.  What was your favorite trip either during your pregnancy or with your child?


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