Blog Makeover

30 Dec

I love finding new blogs to read and share with others. I don’t always have the most time on my hands to read through all of my favs, but I do have a few that I read religiously. This got me thinking about my own. Where do I want to go with my blog? What are my goals, purposes and reasons for blogging? My blog was originally intended to keep long distant friends and family up to date on my pregnancy and Rylie growing up, but I somehow feel like I got lost along the way.

I want to post more of the things I love. I want to document my thoughts, ideas and share what I find interesting. Rylie is a part (a BIG part) of me and I will continue to post about her, but I am more than the dinner making, snot cleaning, sweats wearing, poop wiping momma. There are things I love and am passionate about and I want to share those things with you.

So in 2011 you will see my “other” side. The person I was before and after child. My interest, hobbies, loves, and passions which still do include my family 🙂

What are your blogging goals for 2011?


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