14 Months

12 Jan

Look at my little princess growing up before my eyes. She turned 14 months on Monday and we celebrated with a hug and a kiss. Her little, or shall I say big personality is developing right before our eyes. Seth loves that she is more playful and interactive. He will make silly faces, run around and toss her and she giggles like a little kid. She is still as independent as they come and not to mention stubborn. She gets so upset if she can’t figure out a toy, climb where she shouldn’t or we don’t give her something we are eating (don’t get me started on that). She knows what she wants and will not stop until she gets it–or we divert her attention. She has a heart for others though. She loves her friends and even strangers. We will have to work on that in the future, but right now I am enjoying her love for others.

The other day Seth and I decided to count how many words Rylie can actually say. I think we came up with anything between 15-20. We didn’t think she even knew 6, but once we thought about it we were surprised. She catches on to everything we do or say. Seth was shaking his head and making a funny noise and she copied him. Or when I tell the dog to “shhh” she walks over to him and repeats it. She even “woofs” at the dog when he barks. We really have to watch what we say and especially do around her because she is our copy cat.

She had her first restaurant and store melt down last week. She did not want to sit in the high chair and started screaming crying. A few days later we had to run some errands and she had a mini melt down in JoAnns. She did not want to be in the shopping cart. She wanted to run around the entire store.

But she is so much better at playing by herself. It makes it a bit easier for me to clean up, finish orders, or sit there and observe her. I love when she reads a book to herself or starts talking gibberish to her Foofa doll. She makes me laugh every day and I love all the time we get to spend together. I am very blessed to be able to do so.




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