I am in love

11 Mar

With chocolate. What girl isn’t? I once had a conversation with my mom about our shared love of chocolate. She claimed she was a chocoholic, but then started to count the types of chocolate she didn’t like. Sorry mom, but that is not a chocoholic. I, my friends, am a chocoholic. I like any and all kinds. White, milk, dark, colored–pretty much any type that has the word “chocolate” in it.

I want to share my love for a certain type of chocolate that is only on shelves once a year. It is the Cadbury Mini Eggs. Oh-Em-Gee I love them! The creamy, but crunchy chocolate is my weakness around Easter time.

One of my college roommates and best friends shared this little treat with me. I am normally more drawn to dark chocolate, but this milk chocolatey goodness is to die for. She would keep them at her desk in our dorm room. I found myself craving them when she wasn’t around. On occasion I would sneak into her drawer and snag a couple. One time I almost ate her whole bag and didn’t realize it until she noticed their disappearance. Oops. Don’t worry, I bought her another bag to replace it.

They other day I had to run to JoAnns. I walked in and saw nothing but Easter goodies already lining the shelves. I didn’t think about the eggs until I went to check out. There they were in all their glory staring at me from the shelf. I grabbed two bags, took a step, and then put one back. I didn’t think my butt would later thank me for both bags. As soon as I got into the car I opened them and popped a couple in my mouth. How I missed those sweet little morsels. Needless to say the bag lasted all but 2 days. Don’t judge me. My husband shared a couple.


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