Steppin’ Out: 3 Generations

13 Mar

This Friday was MOPS day and I got to go all by myself. Daddy was home in the morning to watch Rylie, so I was going solo.

The Paper Mama recently did a tutorial on this awesome easy hair style. Her tutorial says to do 3 sections, but I had to do 4 because I have so much hair!

And of course Rylie had to be in a picture with me. Seth took the first picture of me by myself and she started crying because she wasn’t in it. She is such a little ham (and she didn’t even look at the camera).

Saturday my Mama, Rylie and I went to a baby shower. I forgot to ask my mom what she was wearing, but I’m thinking it’s Old Navy. We have a lot of similar items in our closet. I wore this outfit for a previous Steppin’ Out and Rylie is wearing a good ol’ Target outfit!


One Response to “Steppin’ Out: 3 Generations”

  1. thepapermama March 14, 2011 at 9:57 am #

    Love the outfit!

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