Thinking About My Past

30 Apr

A few days ago I was tagged on Facebook in a photo from 9th grade. I couldn’t believe how one photo brought back so many memories and I wanted to see more. So, I took it upon myself to go through old photos. There were dance photos, prom photos and even elementary safety patrol photos. I laughed my butt off looking at my crazy hair, silver eye shadow and the hideous things I placed on my body.

Every picture brought on an emotion and took me right back to the situation. I mostly laughed till I cried as I showed my husband the hilarious photos. He didn’t quite understand what I was laughing at majority of the time, but he did poke some fun at me. A few pictures stirred up something other than laughter. I teared up over a picture of my grandmother who has passed on. I was over come with anxiety while looking at an old boyfriend taking me to homecoming. And I even got mad at a couple faces who graced the background of a photo. But honestly–I wouldn’t change a thing.

I wouldn’t take back those hateful words people spouted out to me. I don’t wish I didn’t date that boy. And I certainly don’t want to lose any memories of my grandmother. My past is what makes me who I am. Sure there are things I would like to forget, but when I look at those pictures and think about my adolescence I don’t remember the bad–only the good. I remember all the fun I had with people who I cared about. I remember how we thought we were so “grown up” and “cool” in high school. And I will always remember the times my dad scared the living crud out of my friends. Those pictures are of the friends I loved, family I cherish and moments that shaped me into who I am today. I don’t want to push my memories aside. I want to share them with my  husband, daughter and future children (even though they will think I am dorky) as we make even more memories along the way. I want to carry on those memories because they are a part of my legacy–they make me me.


One Response to “Thinking About My Past”

  1. Tara April 30, 2011 at 9:59 am #

    Love this post! So true!

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