Dropped The Ball And My Kid Is Crazy

24 Jun

I totally dropped the ball on Inspired Fashion Thursday. Whoops. This week has been a bit out of control. Rylie has been a little sick including a runny nose Wednesday –which required me to wipe every 2 minutes–and then a stuffy nose yesterday. You would never know when she is sick though. She just keeps on keeping on, BUT when she is tired she gets really clingy and overly whiny. And to keep me on my toes she climbed out of her crib yesterday, twice. I stood there and watched her do it the second time because I wanted to know how this wild child operates. She pretty much just pulled herself up and over the crib and then lowered herself down. This kid has incredible upper body strength I tell ya! I guess that means we will be introducing the toddler bed this weekend. Any tips on that are welcome.

Speaking of introducing things, last week we tried the whole potty training deal. I never realized how much work it is. Not only trying to get her on the potty and stay seated, but cleaning up the accidents when she doesn’t make it. The entire week she managed to go on the potty a handful of times, but right now she thinks it’s a game. She tells me when she goes, but it is always after the fact. She also loves to sit on the potty, but only for a minute and then she is up and off doing what she does. I don’t want to push it on her too much for fear of turning her off to it. So once again, any advice is welcome.

I guess this is just me rambling and if you’ve made it this far, you are awesome! I will be back Sunday with another edition of Steppin’ Out. We are going out tonight sans toddler, so it should be a relaxing evening. Hope you have a great weekend!


3 Responses to “Dropped The Ball And My Kid Is Crazy”

  1. Liz June 24, 2011 at 7:55 am #

    Ironic that Rylie is crawling out of her crib …. Abby has been trying for a few weeks now, but luckily no success. Yet. We are also starting to potty train …. and so new at it as well!! We can share ideas as we go through it together. It is work, you are right about that! 🙂

    Have fun on your night out tonight !:)

  2. Angie June 24, 2011 at 10:50 am #

    New reader here! Love your blog!

    Oh boy, I feel for you. We just went through all of this about 6 months ago. I will tell you it does get better!

    As far as the toddler bed goes, when we switched my daughter, we ended up having to reverse the door knob on her door (oh, she could also open ALL doors at 2) so we could lock her in for safety. Needless to say, if she can climb out of her crib, she can climb over a baby gate. The lock was the BEST thing we did. I know it sounds awful, but when you consider it, 1) it’s not like she’ll be abandoned, you’re still right there, and 2) if there was a fire or emergency, she was too young to know what to do anyway, so I’d much rather know RIGHT where she was. It kept her from playing the game of running out to see me constantly and once she realized she couldn’t do that, she just went to sleep.

    As far as potty training, I don’t have much solid advice except to be patient. We let my daughter run around naked and within 3 days she was trained. We still have issues with #2 (yeah, 6 months later) but otherwise, it got better right away. Hang in there! It does get better!

  3. Marta June 25, 2011 at 1:57 am #


    As for potty training put her on a potty just right after she wakes up and after eating. . That always works. I am potty training my 10 month and she knows she pees in the potty after bed (since she cannot communicate). To leave her on a potty longer we read potty books or play a potty games 🙂
    Also with older kids (older than my 10 month old) a sticker praise works very good. Every time she pees in potty cheer and let her choose her sticker to put on a special pee chart!! 🙂 Think of a bigger thing for 10stickers for example 🙂 Should be fine 🙂

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