16 Weeks–Baby No. 2

22 Aug
*Click to make larger*

I tried to edit the orange glow on my body as best as possible–looks a little better than last weeks pictures. Have I said how ready I am for my new camera?! Only a couple more weeks friends and I will be back in action.

I have to share this photo with you. I was setting up my camera and taking a few practice photos when Rylie decided to jump in. Only, when she jumped in the picture it looked like she jumped into my butt.

Haha. She really didn’t do a nose dive into it–it just appears that way. She was kind of hiding, but from the angle of the camera she looks to be taking a whiff. I wouldn’t get too close Rylie lol.

Anywho, this week has been great! I had a check up on Thursday and the baby’s heart rate was about 157. Boy or girl? We will find out soon! Rylie’s heart rate was around 167 around this point, but I don’t know if those old wives tales mean anything. To each is there own I guess. We are having a gender reveal party next month and I’m thinking about streaming it through UStream for our out-of-town family. It’s just an idea though, but I’m already thinking of ways to reveal the gender 🙂 Do you have any ideas or suggestions?


4 Responses to “16 Weeks–Baby No. 2”

  1. jenni from the blog August 22, 2011 at 10:06 am #

    LOL, that pic is hilarious! And you, my dear? Look adorable. Can’t wait to find out what this little bean is!


    • molly August 22, 2011 at 2:03 pm #

      LOL, love the photo of Rylie! Good memories during pregnancy #2. Hope you’re feeling well, mama 🙂

    • Millicent May 3, 2017 at 8:07 pm #

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  2. Stephanie T. August 22, 2011 at 7:32 pm #

    hahahaha! dyyyying at that last picture. and i can’t wait to see your gender reveal party and pin every single picture from it. 😀

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