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Steppin’ Out: Girls Weekend

28 Aug

Ok, so these pictures aren’t from this weekend, but I had to share them! Our women’s Bible Study group at church had a sleep over a couple of weekends ago. I actually didn’t get to sleep over because Seth was working, but I met up with them the following morning and we took these fabulous pictures…courtesy of The Cricket Chronicles. I love these girls and am so blessed to have them in my life!

If you even care what I am wearing it is;

Top- Ross

Skirt- Old Navy

Shoes- Target

Necklace- Forever 21


Taking The Weekend Off

30 Jun

When you read the title you were probably devastated. Ok, you could probably care less, but I just wanted to let you know I am taking this holiday weekend off. Tonight my husband will become a temporary bachelor as Rylie and I take a trip to Northern Florida to visit our good pals Krista and Chloe. We are anticipating tons of fun, laughing and I’m sure crying on our children’s part (because tantrums don’t go away when you do). There will be many pictures to share when we return as well as a pregnancy update from yours truly, an update on Rylie’s sleeping situation and 4th of July pictures!

I will be back Sunday with a friend filled Steppin’ Out. Have a great holiday weekend and be safe!