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Steppin’ Out: Girls Weekend

28 Aug

Ok, so these pictures aren’t from this weekend, but I had to share them! Our women’s Bible Study group at church had a sleep over a couple of weekends ago. I actually didn’t get to sleep over because Seth was working, but I met up with them the following morning and we took these fabulous pictures…courtesy of The Cricket Chronicles. I love these girls and am so blessed to have them in my life!

If you even care what I am wearing it is;

Top- Ross

Skirt- Old Navy

Shoes- Target

Necklace- Forever 21


Wordless Wednesday: A Girl and Her Doggy

24 Aug

“Holy Cow”

21 Jul

Take Me To The Beach

19 Jul

My mom planned a nice weekend at St. Petersburg beach for our family and some friends of the family. Rylie had only been to the beach one other time, but she absolutely loves it! Her favorite part is digging in the sand and helping daddy build sand castles. She likes the water, but would much rather be making a mess with the sand. It’s so much fun to see a child at play. She would step into her own little world where it looked like she had some sort of mission to accomplish, and she wouldn’t let anyone help her. Hopefully it wont take us that long to get back to the beach again because she loves it!

*Warning: Picture overload below*

Rylie Would Like To Share Something With You

27 Jun

Mommy broke the news. I’m not so sure about it yet.

She said my competition will be here soon so I better start training.

It’s somewhere in her belly right now, but will be here in February.

I won’t be the only one to spoil anymore. So let the games begin!

Baby Bartee #2 is on it’s way!