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Steppin’ Out: Girls Weekend

28 Aug

Ok, so these pictures aren’t from this weekend, but I had to share them! Our women’s Bible Study group at church had a sleep over a couple of weekends ago. I actually didn’t get to sleep over because Seth was working, but I met up with them the following morning and we took these fabulous pictures…courtesy of The Cricket Chronicles. I love these girls and am so blessed to have them in my life!

If you even care what I am wearing it is;

Top- Ross

Skirt- Old Navy

Shoes- Target

Necklace- Forever 21


Steppin’ Out: Just Rylie

21 Aug

Dress: Target

Hair Clip: Twenty Five Design

Adorableness: Mommy and Daddy

Sorry to disappoint with no picture of me–I’m joking. We were all ready to take our picture together this morning, but it slipped my mind as we rushed out the door for church. As of right now I am lounging in my yoga pants, baggy shirt and have no desire to change, but Rylie sure looked cute today, huh? I asked her to pose for me so she ran over to the wall and put her hands up. I guess she was going for a seductive look lol. These are the only ones I could get out of her, and my point and shoot doesn’t help with the quality.

Tomorrow I will have a pregnancy update and possibly a slight bump to share. It’s so crazy how fast this one is flying by!

Steppin’ Out: Day Date

14 Aug

Shirt and Sandals : Target

Skirt: Old Navy

Necklace: Forever 21

And this awesome handmade ring…

I got it at Queen Bee Market in San Diego and I can’t remember what booth it is from! Ugh, I am so sad because everything there was super cute. If anyone knows the name of the shop (or if you are the creator of this awesome ring) please let me know. There was a bunch of things made from Sculpy clay like earrings and such. I love this ring and want to get more!

Anywho, the hubs and I had a day date to see Planet of the Apes and then we ventured over to his Sergeants retirement party. I must say, I enjoyed the movie. I saw the first one (with Mark Walburg) and thought it tied the two together well. Seth and I want to watch the first one again just to see how much they are missing and try to make more sense of it. If you like those kinds of movies than it is a must see.

When we picked Rylie up from her Mimi’s house we were informed that she refused to nap. That resulted in this at 6:30pm:

The poor girl wouldn’t wake up. Every time I sat her up she would cry and fall right back to sleep. We finally got her awake around 7. To say she was cranky is an understatement. Needless to say she went to bed right after dinner. Poor girl was exhausted.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend!! And tomorrow I promise to do a pregnancy update. It had been too long!

Steppin’ Out: Kobe!

31 Jul

Hair Clip- Twenty Five Design

Shirt- Gap

Shorts- Old Navy

Wedges- Ebay

Dress- Gap

Shoes- Target

Tonight we had dinner at Kobe’s Japanese Steakhouse to celebrate my dads birthday. We love us some Kobe and it’s even better when you are with family and friends! We didn’t step out yesterday except to the pool so that’s why I am a little late posting. Better late than never huh? Tuesday I will post a pregnancy update before I leave for Blogher! Can’t believe I am leaving in 2 days!

Steppin’ Out: Beach Weekend

17 Jul

Attempt #1

Attempt #2

Forget it

Brought to you by Forever 21, Charlotte Russe and Target.

We took a family weekend to the beach this weekend and I can’t wait to show you the pictures! I will spare you from all 306, but I will share the cutest ones. Hope everyone had a great weekend!