Mom Needing Other Mom’s Suggestions

25 Aug

Being that I am already 16 weeks and this pregnancy seems to be going by super fast, I realized that I may need to start thinking about baby things before the little one gets here. We really won’t need many things seeing how we kept all of Rylie’s baby stuff, but we will need a few essentials–like a double stroller.

Here’s where I am leaving some of you out (I promise I won’t do it again ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and asking the seasoned moms to give me some suggestions. Here is where I am at. We are wanting a double jogging stroller because that really came in handy with Rylie, but I also need a double full-sized stroller. Should I use the jogging stroller as my everyday stroller for trips to Target, the store, etc? Or should I get (register for) both? I am wondering if the jogging stroller would serve all purposes? And if having two double strollers is just a waste of space/money?

My next question is what strollers (either jogging or regular) would you recommend? I have a pretty basic Graco stroller that has done Rylie and I well. On the other hand, my jogging stroller was a Craigslist find. It works great, but the shade is loose and constantly folds back. It was a problem when Rylie was younger and the bright Florida sun practically blinded her on our runs. So with that being said, I want to make sure my next jogging stroller is in a little bit better shape. We can’t spend a whole lot of money, so keep that in mind. What strollers have made your life easier or can’t you live without?

So I there are my questions about strollers. I may have other questions along the way, but my mind has been in a fog lately. All this house buying business is clouding my brain (more to come on that as well). Thanks in advance for the suggestions. This mother of one, Rylie and my future child all thank you.


Wordless Wednesday: A Girl and Her Doggy

24 Aug

16 Weeks–Baby No. 2

22 Aug
*Click to make larger*

I tried to edit the orange glow on my body as best as possible–looks a little better than last weeks pictures. Have I said how ready I am for my new camera?! Only a couple more weeks friends and I will be back in action.

I have to share this photo with you. I was setting up my camera and taking a few practice photos when Rylie decided to jump in. Only, when she jumped in the picture it looked like she jumped into my butt.

Haha. She really didn’t do a nose dive into it–it just appears that way. She was kind of hiding, but from the angle of the camera she looks to be taking a whiff. I wouldn’t get too close Rylie lol.

Anywho, this week has been great! I had a check up on Thursday and the baby’s heart rate was about 157. Boy or girl? We will find out soon! Rylie’s heart rate was around 167 around this point, but I don’t know if those old wives tales mean anything. To each is there own I guess. We are having a gender reveal party next month and I’m thinking about streaming it through UStream for our out-of-town family. It’s just an idea though, but I’m already thinking of ways to reveal the gender ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you have any ideas or suggestions?

Steppin’ Out: Just Rylie

21 Aug

Dress: Target

Hair Clip: Twenty Five Design

Adorableness: Mommy and Daddy

Sorry to disappoint with no picture of me–I’m joking. We were all ready to take our picture together this morning, but it slipped my mind as we rushed out the door for church. As of right now I am lounging in my yoga pants, baggy shirt and have no desire to change, but Rylie sure looked cute today, huh? I asked her to pose for me so she ran over to the wall and put her hands up. I guess she was going for a seductive look lol. These are the only onesย I could get out of her, and my point and shoot doesn’t help with the quality.

Tomorrow I will have a pregnancy update and possibly a slight bump to share. It’s so crazy how fast this one is flying by!

Back To School Sale!

18 Aug

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